The tale of organic hazelunt

Lately, people are increasingly returning to healthy lifestyles and natural, homemade food. Organic food is an increasingly common choice. These products have valid certificates of varietal purity and health certificates that they are not sprayed with chemicals. Such a 100% organic hazelnut comes from a certified ecological plantation of hazelnuts of the Agricultural Farmstead Aleksić from the vicinity of Šabac.

Organic hazelnut is a healthy, delicious and very nutritious food. It is an absolute champion when the energy value of nuts is concerned. Today, we often eat it in some dishes, but it has all the features to independently takes its pedestal. Many well-known nutrition programs and nutritionists advise you to replace unhealthy snacks with this nutritious fruit and, in particular, create healthy habits in children.

In vegetarian and vegan diet, organic hazelnut is an irreplaceable source of important minerals and vitamins. In addition to the delicious fruit, hazelnut flour is also used (extremely popular with gluten-free recipes and in the LCHF diet), and in particular, it's cold pressed hazelnut oil for nutrition and care.

The salubrity and benefits of hazelnuts were also known to the Old Greeks, thousands of years ago.

Organic hazelnut – a handful of health

Hazelnut originates from Southern Europe and Turkey. It grows on trees, hazel, and its fruit is wrapped with a solid, glossy shell. It is widespread all over the world and there are many varieties. It is prescribed as a therapy for many diseases, from cold and fever, to baldness and overweight.

Today you can hear how only a handful of hazelnuts raises energy every day and performs miracles for health and prevents various disorders. It is indispensable in the nutrition of athletes and all the supporters of a healthy lifestyle, because it has a high energy value - the so-called healthy calorie.

Organic hazelnut is a true treasury of health and vitality. It is a great choice if you are on a diet, because it stimulates digestion, it is easy to digest and its fibers will sate your hunger and you will not reach for the snacks.

Only 40g of hazelnuts a day significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, thanks to good cholesterol and saturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic).

For all people struggling with celiac disease, hazelnut and hazelnut flour are a real salvation because they do not contain gluten (GLUTEN FREE).

One portion of the hazelnut provides 90% of the required amount of manganese and folic acid, for which your bones will be grateful, and osteoporosis is nowhere to be seen.

A large number of vitamins and minerals make the organic hazelnut a super food and a real immune bomb, which strengthens the entire body. A large amount of vitamin E improves the quality and health of the skin, and organic hazel oil is a natural protection against UV rays.

In the end, you can treat yourself and your loved ones with a healthy and delicious delicacy, a cream made of organic hazelnuts.

Take the best of nature

In order to make full use of all the benefits of this nut, it is important to select a hazelnut from a certified organic production, like the ones we cultivate on our plantation. Commercial packages of organic hazelnuts from our farm can be found in health food sections of leading retail chains (Maxi, Aroma, DM, Just Organic), and you can also order them directly by phone.

Our offer includes raw and roasted organic hazelnut, hazelnut oil and flour from ecological production. Our hazelnuts are packaged in functional, transparent packaging, so you can instantly check the quality of each fruit.

Organic food is the best choice you can make for yourself and the health of your family. So choose smart, choose only 100% organic.

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